Voice Atis setup

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Florentino Espezim
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Voice Atis setup

Post by Florentino Espezim » 04 Jan 2009, 21:16

though I can read in english very well, I believe that the VOICE ATIS
SETUP isn´t so clear. I´ve head it lot of time and I dind´t get where I m
doing the error setup.
So, Do I have to record an ATIS SBGL airport every time I want to control with Euroscope? Where I have to put such
file " SBGL Atis"? Will it be created by itself after the record? Have I to record all the words of the metar? I guess it should fill automatic the information of the metar(airport, zulu time, wind and so...)!
Thank you very much for your kindly attention!

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