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UniATIS forum • [FIXED] Runway surface conditions
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[FIXED] Runway surface conditions

Posted: 04 Jul 2008, 10:35
by Nikita Kapko
Maybe I make something wrong again but:
if my arravial and departure rwy 18L and in METAR rwy state group look like 18XXXXXX - then no a Runway surface conditions group consists in my ATIS.
but if - 18R and in METAR 68XXXXXX - than a Runway surface conditioins group okey.
Its my trouble again? :)

Re: Runway surface conditions

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 12:12
by Sami Ylismäki
It was a bug this time. The problem was with determining whether the surface condition points to a single runway or runway left, as the left runway isn't separately indicated in the report like the right one is. It was working fine as long as the report also included condition report for the runway right, in which situation I simply renamed the reported runway "18" to "18L", as obviously there was no other choice. However, a problem occured if the condition report did not include condition for runway right, which could been used to logically determine that the reported "18" is actually "18L". Now the reported runways are also compared to the list of active runways to find out whether it's really "18" or "18L".

Ps. please always include the full URL with which a problem occurs :)

Re: [FIXED] Runway surface conditions

Posted: 09 Jan 2010, 15:20
by JeV
Hello. Please check this:

Code: Select all

METAR: EPWA 220830Z 14004KT 110V190 0900 R33/0900V1300D R29/0900N FG BKN001 06/06 Q1018 BECMG 1500
gives output:

Code: Select all

[this is][Warsaw][information]C[observation at]0830[expect]U[arrival runway]33[ILS/DME][approach][departures runway]29[transition level]80[wind]140[degrees]4[knots][variable between]110[and]190[degrees][visibility] {900}[meters][RVR][runway]33 {900}[to]{1300}[meters][downgrading][runway]29 900[meters][neutral][fog obscured][broken]{100}[feet][temperature]6[dew point]6[QNH]1018[hectopascals][becoming][visibility] {1500}[meters][Departure frequency]122.80[Caution - birds activity][you have received information]C
[RVR][runway]33 {900}[to]{1300}[meters][downgrading]
[runway]29 900[meters][neutral]

Why RVR for 29 is not in brackets?

regards! MS