28.10.2009, 04:35 UTC

A PHP function has been changed to another

PHP will cease to support a function ereg in the future versions and therefore all of those functions have been changed to preg for future compatibility.

Due to minor differences in the function's behaviour there may still be unpredictable problems to fix. The problems will be most likely missing or superfluous phrases in the ATIS message.

Please report any problems directly to me at fishu(t)uniatis.net

27.10.2009, 01:50 UTC

Metar custom function modifed to be more flexible

The metar custom function now supports regular expression and instead of searching for weather from the decoded weather the search will now be done on the METAR itself. This will make the function much more flexible along with the regular expression pattern match.

26.10.2009, 01:10 UTC

Replace will create a string when condition is not met

Previously the replace custom function did not add an empty string when a condition was not met and the string did not exist. This caused the string name to output into the ATIS message due to a missing string. The replace now adds an empty string when the string does not exist and a condition is not met. It can now act similarly to the string custom function, but allows multiple replace functions for one string.

10.07.2009, 02:55 UTC

Support for weather types GS (small hail) and GR (hail) improved

It has came to my attention that GS and GR can exist in combinations not supported by the generator. To fix the problem there is now weather_grp:gs: and weather_grp:gr: in the format section.

[hail] and [small hail] have been added to all formats respectively to the weather type. Please check your formats and adjust it as necessary.

12.04.2009, 11:56 UTC

QFE can now be calculated from airport height

In the settings there is parameter 'apt_height' that when properly set can be used to calculate QFE for a specific airport. In order for the QFE to work you also need to add %maltimeter_qfe% in 'atis_layout', otherwise it will not exist in the ATIS output.

This method of calculating QFE should not be used for generic formats due to the format covering multiple airports with different heights and therefore causing QFe to be inaccurate.

If you only wish to show QFE in ATIS when it exists in METAR then you should use custom functions to include QFE when it exists. %maltimeter_qfe% will output QFE at all times, which can also be used in a custom function to enable the controller to decide when to show QFE in ATIS.

Available strings at altimeter_qfe: %qfehpa%, %qfeinhg%, %qfemmhg%

25.07.2008, 20:13 UTC

Fixed header placing on wider resolutions

This week I bought a new display, which in fact is my first wide screen. Only then I noticed the header of the website misaligned when the display resolution was wider than 960 pixels. Now header too is contained within the main box and that should hopefully fix the alignment issue without breaking anything else.

19.04.2008, 12:13 UTC

Added plural fields in the format for multiple active runways

Multiple active arrival or departure runways can be now stated in plural format. The new fields are available in the bottom of the format section. No other changes or changes at all are necessary.

Fields added: arrp_rwy, depp_rwy and rwyp_use