Instructions to use UniATIS with EuroScope

Download and install EuroScope from http://www.euroscope.hu and download a voice ATIS package for your area (if a format exists, otherwise download the voice package for Finland).

Start EuroScope once you have installed it and the voice package and open up voice communications setup from the upper left corner (1).

Add an ATIS station from the bottom of the panel (2) with the callsign, frequency, voice server and voice channel (same as callsign), then press new (3) and close the panel. Now you should connect to the VATSIM (4) as an observer, unless you feel brave enough to immediately jump in as a controller.

Once connected open up the Voice ATIS setup dialog from the upper left corner (5).

First you need to locate the ATIS files descriptor (6) which contains descriptors for the voice files. The file should come with the voice package you have downloaded and it is typically named as atisfiles.txt.

Add the address of ATIS generator and the required parameters to ATIS maker URL (7):

There may be extra functionality available in your area, so be sure check from your local VACC whether there are any additional parameters you should know about.

Insert an airport of your choice to the ATIS airport field (8) and press get METAR below the field. Once you have received a METAR message press test URL (9) and you should receive a generated ATIS message. If you receive something else instead then check the URL for any inconsistencies.

To hear your own ATIS check the listen playback box (10) and then start the ATIS by clicking at start multiple record playback button (11). You should now hear the ATIS through your speakers or headphones. Note: You cannot listen to your ATIS through the listen to frequency option over the voice server, you can only listen to it from the ATIS panel.

Now you are ready to use voice ATIS when controlling. When you have logged in as a controller you need to bring the voice ATIS online by clicking at connect ATIS button (13). If you want to have EuroScope automatically update voice ATIS upon METAR update then check the automatically generate new ATIS using the URL box (12).

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