Welcome to UniATIS website

UniATIS is a web based voice ATIS generator to be used with EuroScope, which developer Gergely Csernak made this all possible by providing a suitable environment and support for the web generators to work. It's been my, should I say an obsession, to have a way to provide automated ATIS updates with voice. Recording a voice ATIS during peak hours was near impossible, especially before EuroScope, and that's why I've been seeking for an easier method to provide ATIS without troubling the controller.

The very first version is known simply as voiceatis, which is pretty crude and uses PHPWeather to provide decoded METAR. Back then I used it to create an ATIS string compatible with the EuroScope voice file format, which was then copy and pasted into the program. Still not quite that what I was seeking for, but which in short time gained a direct support. The web based generator support by EuroScope has already created a number of other generators, each for their own.

Since the original voiceatis was crude and the use of PHPWeather had shortcomings, I decided to start the project anew and for the time it's called UniATIS. The name is an abbreviation for Universal ATIS, to best describe it's flexible functionality. The project's goal is to create a generator that will flawlessly support as many ATIS formats as possible with many features to make it possible. This will not only provide global support for ATIS' but also overcome the problem of scattered development of generators - why invent a wheel over and over again? Once a bug is fixed or a feature added the change is immediately transferred to a multitude of ATIS formats.

UniATIS supports ATIS setups from a single aerodrome to whole countries, it all can be configured via configuration utility and the generator will output a specific ATIS for each defined area or aerodrome. The output can be customized for any kind of ATIS format, and if not, it should!